Of definitions and meanings...

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Searching for gamification on Google returns over 6 million resultsimpressive for a discipline as young as this one, if you ask me. As we are only adding to this expansive list of information available on gamification, I thought that an introduction to our team, and the basic definitions associated with the term would be a useful ground to build this blog upon.

Looking back at my Google results, I see a sort of agreement on the principle that gamification has to do with games (hence the term after all). From Google's view on gamification as "the application of game playing to other areas of activity", to Wikipedia's broader explanation of gamification as "the process of making systems, services and activities more enjoyable and motivating." 

Of course gamification is more than 
just using game elements-such as badges and leader boards- to make services and activities more fun. Gamification can help make a difficult topic more approachable or enhance the interaction between a brand and its users. It can evoke change in audience behavior or allow participants to see an experience from a new perspectiveWith the ubiquity of smart phones and ever-evolving technology, people generally want to receive information that's, not only useful, but engaging as well. Gamification then becomes more and more appealing to people across many disciplines.

Regardless of how exactly you define gamification -or don't define it-, all are welcome here. We want to use this blog to look past definitions (though we may occasionally engage with them in our texts) and share our opinions on what we each feel is important to get out there in the blogsphere.

We have quite a few contributors who range from gamification enthusiasts to people who work closely with games and gamification in their line of work. The group came together through various meetups in the Netherlands, but primarily through the Gamification World Netherlands group. Realizing that each person had something unique to contribute, we decided to create this blog to combine all of these great sources of knowledge into one place. 

If you have any questions, or would like to see a topic delved more deeply into, please let us know. We created this blog for you and your desire to learn more about this growing topic.